HOW DO YOU GET RHEUMATIC                                FEVER?


 Firstly, Rheumatic fever starts with a streptococcal infection. It enters through the parts of the body where bacteria  are not usually found. From there, it starts to make its way up to your THROAT, causing it to be itchy and SORE. Then you start to cough and cough making this disease worse and worse, especially if you dont cover your mouth while coughing. Coughing is contagious and it causes the disease to spread throughout your family and even worse your COMMUNITY. 

If the disease does not get treated straight away, then you or your child may develop 

Sore or swollen joints (knees,elbows,ankles and wrists).

Skin rash


Stomach aches

If you or your child is suffering a lot from rheumatic fever.Then unfortunatley it will destroy the precious valves in your heart, causing you or your child to get HEART DAMAGE!

ADVICE: Make sure you and your family members go to the doctors straight away when you feel like you are suffering from a sore throat.

Always keep in mind that it is NEVER ok to let a simple cough slide by.

If you or your child has a sore throat or cough, be sure to take care of it and to make every effort in trying to follow or keep track of the time your supposed to take your medcine.